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My name is Jason Minnis aka ClassicBeatz and I'm a producer/pianist/songwriter from Bedstuy Brooklyn by way of St.Petersburg Florida. Musically, I'm pretty eclectic. My releases range from afrobeat, hip hop and acoustic jazz to funk and classical music. In addition to my solo projects I am the lead member of the instrumental duo Nicholas Kopernicus

The purpose of this page is to serve as my music resume. Here you can find information about my official releases as well as links to the music that I've done other projects (TV, Film, Radio). You can find most of my releases on my bandcamp page or in most major digital retail stories (itunes, emusic, spodify, cdbaby etc). 

Contact me:
Email | classicbeatz@gmail.com 
Bandcamp | classicbeatz.bandcamp.com 
Twitter | @IamClassicBeatz 
Facebook | facebook.com/ClassicBeatz 
Soundcloud | soundcloud.com/ClassicBeatz
Instagram | instagram.com/ClassicBeatz
Discogs | discogs.com/artist/ClassicBeatz

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Jason aka ClassicBeatz